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Selecting a Muzzle for Your Dog

You might be wondering, "What kind of muzzle should I get for my dog?" Well, you've come to the right place. Here, we go through the different types of muzzles and point out what each one is used for. We'll also go through muzzles that we DON'T recommend. Not all muzzles are created equal and not all muzzles are created to simply keep a dog from biting. Understand the use of each type of muzzle and you'll know which novel is the right one to use.

I'd also like to add a reminder that muzzles shouldn't be your end-all solution to solving your dog's dominant or aggressive issues. We recommend you starting out with our Basic Dog Obedience DVD.

Police Training Muzzles

Muzzles to train police dogs are usually made of quality leather. These muzzles are used for bite work, a certain type of training that can be very dangerous if you don't have the proper attire. The only muzzle I recommend for police training dogs is the Police Leather Muzzle. It's a pricy buy but it's the safest muzzle you can get out there.

Wire Basket Muzzles

Wire basket muzzles are great for the average pet owner. They will look like this:

These muzzles have great air flow. Your dogs can even drink with these muzzles one. They are secure and dogs seemingly have less problems with these kinds of muzzles than the enclosed muzzle. We recommend these for dogs are will be wearing muzzles often or for long amounts of times however, these are NOT recommended for protection training.

Plastic Basket Muzzles

These plastic muzzles are a great for wearing every now and then. These are inexpensive and hold up well. They're a great, secure choice for when taking your dog to the vet or a groomer. Plastic basket muzzles will usually look like this:

Fabric Muzzles

These fabric muzzles are great when taking your dog to the vet's office. You can also conveniently carry them with you whever in case you need to use it. Please note that these should NOT be used for training.

We do not recommended leaving the cloth muzzle on your dog for long periods of time and without supervision. These cloth muzzles will restrict your dog's ability to pant. In hot weather, the dog may overheat which can cause death. Please only use these fabric muzzles under supervision.

Cloth muzzles do not prevent a dog from biting. It is absolutely possible for the dog to bite people through the fabric novel. We only recommend this for grooming or taking to the vet.

Muzzles You Shouldn't Use

These muzzles are made of flat pieces of leather that wrap around the nose with a hole in the snout area. Some will be made of a softer, more pliable leather and others are made of a thicker and stiff leather.

Both muzzle types don't provide sufficient airflow and dogs can still bite you through the thin leather. Here are photos of them below:

Leather soft-sided muzzles - Ed Frawley does not recommend these.

This photo demonstrates how flimsy soft-side muzzles are. They are dangers.

The thicker muzzles not only restrict the air flow but are also too heavy.

I would also like to mention the KNPV style leather muzzles made in Europe and also sold here in the United States. They look like the photos above but with a strap behind the ears. They are designed to be worn during a dog competition (for the ones that require a dog muzzle). They, unfortunately, come off too easily. I do not recommend these.