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Muzzle Warning
If you train or use muzzles, you need to read this!

This webpage has been included as a warning to individuals put muzzles on their dog while training. Muzzles are as only effective as the people who use them. When not test properly, the possibility of injury heightens.

A good friend of mine is an experience police K9 handler in the sheriff's department. He has over 20 years of experience as a dog handler in the police force. During a training seminar, he was bit by a dog.

As it turns out, the dog's muzzle was not properly tested. The muzzle was too loose on the dog's head. While my friend was hiding under a desk, the dog's muzzle caught onto something and came off. You can see the photos here to see what happened next.

This can also happen to individuals using these muzzles for dominant and aggressive dogs. Muzzles are simply training tools. If used improperly, it can cause a huge accident.

Bottom line: Learn how to use a muzzle the correct way and test it to make sure it won't come off. If it comes off, the error falls on the handler and not on the equipment.