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The following articles were written by Ed Frawley. The articles all pertain to muzzles and are a great read for people looking into buying muzzles. We suggest that you read these beforehand. Rather than choosing one that seems right on a whim, read the articles to narrow down which muzzle is right for you.

Choose the right muzzle for your dog.
Selecting a Muzzle
by Ed Frawley

You might be wondering, "What kind of muzzle should I get for my dog?" Well, you've come to the right place. Here, we go through the different types of muzzles and point out what each one is used for. We'll also go through muzzles that we DON'T recommend. Not all muzzles are created equal and not all muzzles are created to simply keep a dog from biting. Understand the use of each type of muzzle and you'll know which novel is the right one to use.


Measure your dog's nose so that the muzzle will fit!

How to Measure Your Dog's Nose for a Muzzle
by Ed Frawley

It is crucial to have a muzzle that fits your dog properly. If the muzzle is too tight, your dog will not be able to pant or breathe and if the muzzle is either too long or too loose, then an accident is bound to happen anywhere. We teach you how to measure your dog's nose so that you can get the right muzzle for your dog. Read More...

A warning about muzzles that everyone should read.
Muzzle Warning
by Ed Frawley

There are some potentially big issues when dealing with dogs and a muzzle. This article is about a friend I had who worked in K9. We talk about the importance of having a muzzle that is SECURE on your dog. Some situations can cause accidents and those accidents could cause some major injuries and huge hospital bills. We advise everyone who intends on getting a muzzle to read this article! Read more...