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Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs DVD


Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs DVD

In this 3 1/2 hour long DVD, we go through the different types of aggression. We help you design a plan to become your dog's pack leader and control his aggressive behavior. We also help you establish your dog's rank in the pack. This is especially helpful for dog owners with family or visitors. Some dogs may act obedient to you but to others, they may be dominant and aggressive. We teach you how to establish that your dog should respect others and see them as higher up in the rank than him.

This DVD was produced by Ed Frawley, a dog trainer with over 50 years of experience. He has worked with police training and work dogs as well as breed over 350 litters of pups.

DVD Chapters
  1. The work that is expected of pet owners before they start this program.

  2. Sixteen different forms of aggression are identified and explained.

  3. Four different targets of aggression are discussed
    • Aggression towards Owners
    • Aggression towards Family and Friends
    • Aggression towards Strangers
    • Aggression towards Other Animals

    • When Does Dominance Start?
      • Understanding temperament in dogs and how it relates to dominance.
      • The role of genetics in dominance
        • How to live with and handle a dominant puppy

    • A section on EQUIPMENT needed to safely live with and train a dominant dog. This is an extremely important topic. It's one thing for a training aid to fail during obedience training. It is 100% a different thing for a training aid to fail during a handler attack or during an episode of dog aggression.

    • Living with a Dominant Dog.
      • The Ground Work to Becoming a Pack Leader
        • The importance of dog crates and how we use them in our home
      • The importance of Exercise as it relates to dominance
        • Dominant Dog Problems and walks
        • How to deal with Animal Aggression on Walks
        • The importance of a Protocol for YOUR WALK - the walk is YOUR WALK not the dog's WALK
        • Flat Collars vs Prong Collar vs Dominant Dog Collars vs Remote Trainers
      • Becoming a Pack Leader
        • How I establish pack leader status with my new dogs.
        • How non-pack leaders can become pack leaders
      • Obedience training as it relates to Pack behavior
        • This DVD is not a substitute for "Basic Obedience training"
        • ** If you don't have my Basic Obedience DVD you will need to get it along with this DVD.
      • Feeding A Dominant Dog - how to eliminate food aggression issues

    • How to break-up a dog fight without getting hurt
      • How to Introduce a New Dog into a home with existing dogs
      • Alpha Rolls- what they are and why they are dangerous
      • Dog Parks - a very bad idea