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Chow & Short Snout Cloth Muzzle


$9.70 - $10.30

Short Snout Cloth Muzzle

The Chow and Short-Snouted Cloth Muzzle is designed to fit Chows and all other short-snouted breeds.

Size End of Nose
Small Chow 8.5"
Medium Chow 9.5"
Large Chow 11"


These Cloth Muzzles are designed for short-term use. They should be used as a temporary restraint only! Use only with direct supervision and never leave your pet unattended while wearing a Cloth Muzzle. Failure to do so could result in inhibiting the dog's panting (it's natural cooling mechanism) producing a life threatening situation. You should also be aware that most dogs can still bite while wearing an open-faced muzzle. Dogs wearing a Cloth Muzzle cannot pant or drink water while wearing them. If you are interested in a muzzle designed to be worn for extended periods of time, please check out our Imported Wire Basket Muzzles.