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Pitbull Wire Muzzle

Pitbull Wire Muzzle
Pitbull Wire Muzzle

Pitbull Wire Muzzle
Size Length Circumference
Female Pitbull 3 ¼" 13"
Male Pitbull 4 ¼" 13"

These heavy-duty chrome muzzles are imported from Germany. They are relatively new products, having just come on to the market in the past couple of years. This muzzle is a top quality product, unlike anything available in the United States.

This muzzle is designed for PitBulls or Staffordshires and dogs with similar faces.

This is an excellent muzzle for people who have dominant dogs. These dogs need a muzzle to protect the handler during compulsive obedience training. This muzzle allows excellent airflow. There is enough room for the dog to drink with the muzzle on.

This muzzle also has a padded insert for your dogs comfort and to avoid unnecessary rubbing on your dogs face. The insert is made of leather and felt and is not removable.

** It is VERY important that you give your dog enough room to pant while wearing the muzzle. The measurements given above are the ACTUAL measurements of the muzzle itself. You need to be sure of TWO things before you choose your muzzle size:

  1. Your dog's "nose length" CAN NOT be SHORTER than the actual "muzzle length." If the muzzle is longer/deeper than your dogs nose length, the muzzle will be in the dogs line of vision.
  2. The muzzle's " circumference" MUST be LARGER than your dogs "nose circumference". We recommend between 1 -3 inches larger than your dogs measurement. If the muzzle is the exact same size as your dogs nose, the dog won't be able to pant. It's mouth won't even be able to open.
How to measure your dog's nose for the correct muzzle size.